Return to Center is a blog about returning or remembering that state of wholeness, before emotional, physical and/or physic wounds changed our way of seeing ourselves and our place in the world.  Often we take on wounds from our ancestors, from our own experiences or in order to belong to our cultural community.  It affects how we experience the world. Our center is that core being, heart and soul, quintessence.  It is the essential nature of who we are.

The contributions here are not from gurus.  All of us are in a unique place in time where many are trying to find our way back to this state of centeredness.  Join me here for the exploration of the journey.


Robin Standlee in Peru while hiking part of the Vilcabamba trail

Robin spent 30+ years working in public accounting and as a part-time CFO for several start-ups while raising her son, Austin.  Yearning for a more expansive and creative approach to life, she set about unwinding her professional identity to allow space to explore another life more closely in tune with her passions.  In addition to her CFO consulting practice, Robin explores and weaves her knowledge of ecopsychology and its potential impact on our cultural healing, designing healing green spaces, shamanism and its healing rituals of ancestral lineages, herbalism, gardening and poetry.  Robin comes to Return to Center to explore the edges of transformation – individually and for the interconnected web.


Les Deck, Executive Coach

An entrepreneur for over 40 years, Les is mentor to many CEOs and other C-Levels providing coaching online and in-person peer group settings. He finds his way to Return to Center (for which we are grateful) to muse those issues that keep us up at night, those that bring us peace and those that inspire us to make change to improve ourselves, expand awareness and to leave a legacy.